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Power Supply for GPS Vehicle Tracker

Most GPS/GSM vehicle tracking units are available in 12V system. For truck and trailers which uses 24V battery, the voltage need to be stepped down to 12V.

In addition to this, the GPS tracking units need to have back-up power when the main battery is cut-off during theft.
This DC power supply or rather called as power management board uses switchmode power supply to step down the 24V to 12V efficiently. 

During normal operation, it constantly trickle chargers a 12V lead acid back-up battery. Whenever the 24V main battery is cut-off by unauthorised personnel, the back-up battery takes over to power the GPS tracking unit. The battery is charged with optimised charging algorithm.Charging is disabled anytime the temperature of the battery is outside the allowed range.


Input:    24V
Output:    12V (4A max)
12V regulator:    Switch mode
Back-up Battery:    12V 7AH Lead Acid
Battery charger:    Switch mode
Fast charge current:    1A max
Temperature compensation:    Yes
Charging cut-off temperature limit:    45 Degrees Celcius
Maintenance charge voltage    13.7V
Maximum fast charge voltage    14.9V
LED Indicator:    12V, Battery full, charging, error
Low battery cut-off voltage    <11.8V
Cooling fan:    Yes
Short circuit protection:    Fuse
Input voltage surge protection:    Yes

This power supply design for GPS vehicle tracker can be easily modified to suit to your requirements. Interested? Contact us now for a free consultation.