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AC Generator - GenPlus Model 1255 -300W


The Gen+ C Series provide stable, clean and reliable AC power to your equipment anywhere anytime. Features within each unit include:

  • AC Output: 230V-240V AC 50Hz Pure Sine Wave 300W
  • Built-in Charge Controller and Charger System to maintain
  • Built-in high grade Deep Cycle VRLA (EV) batteries for durability and extensive charge-discharge cycles
  • Circuit Protection: Short Circuit, Temperature Control, Overload & Surge Protector, Low Battery Cut-Off
  • Integrated Uninterrupted Power Supply ("UPS") features
  • Available in different battery capacities for different application and usage duration.
  • 300W continuous output, 600W peak
  • 55AH AGM VRLA Battery (hybrid)
  • Suitable for lamps, light load blenders, radios, fans and laptops. Biggest battery capacity with longest usage time

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