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So how much is my kettle contributing to my electricity bill?

Posted by Aravin on May 27, 2012 at 3:20 AM

I know some of you may wonder how much electricity bill you are paying for a particular appliance.

Here how it is done,

To calculate the cost, we need this information:

1.      Power (Watts, W) consumption of the appliance – Usually it will be stated at the back label or in the user manual.

2.      Hours used per month (Hr) - Just add the number of hours used each month.

3.      Electricity rate – For TNB, it is RM0.218 per kilowatthour (kWH) for the first 400 units.

Say for an example, I want to know my kettle’s consumption in RM monthly.  I take my kettle and read its back label.  I take it as 2000W average. So the power in kW is 2000/1000= 2kW

I use the kettle twice daily and each time it takes 5 minutes to boil.  Therefore for the whole month it is 10min x 30 = 300 minutes. 300 minutes is equal to 5 hours

So the kilowatt hour for my kettle usage is 2kW x 5 hour = 10kWH

Therefore the cost for using the kettle is 10kWH x RM0.218 = RM2.18 per month

Now do this for the other electrical appliances and get to know the culprit that causes your high electricity bill :)

You can find out the typical consumption of common household appliances here: http://visualization.geblogs.com/visualization/appliances/


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