Jaavin Electronic Solution

Your One Stop Solution for Circuit Board Design, Development & Manufacturing

About Us

Jaavin Electronic Solution Sdn. Bhd. is the brainchild of S.Jegeswaran (Jay) and V.Aravinthan (Aravin) founded in 2012 to provide electronic PCB design and consultancy services. 

Put together we have twenty years of experience in electronic design engineering industry on developing a product from design to manufacturing. 

Joining forces, we believe we will be able to share and provide our expertise to the nation in the electronic engineering field.

Aravin started his career as an electronic design engineer in a well known MNC doing electronic circuit design for OEM automotive industry in Europe, Japan and Australia. 

He then moved on to several start-ups developing circuit boards for active RFID design and handled many design projects. 

From this experience he was exposed in all areas in the electronic product design & development from design, testing, part sourcing and manufacturing. 

He is now electronic design consultant in Jaavin Electronic Solution.
Jay started his career in United Kingdom as an assembly technician in a electronic ballast design company. He then made his way to become lab head in a RF wireless design company in K.L, later senior assembly technician and PCB layout engineer.  

Jay is well versed in the area of PCB layout design, SMT and PCB assembly. He has vast experience in prototype assembly, managing mechanical design and production. 

He is now PCB design consultant in Jaavin Electronic Solution.

PCB & Circuit Design Capabilities

  1. RF 2.4GHz wireless solution
  2. 3D printing controller board
  3. Lithium Polymer battery charger
  4. Audio circuit
  5. Micro-controller related embedded applications
  6. Wireless home automation
  7. Low power battery operated applications
  8. DC-DC power supplies
  9. Relay control board
  10. Data logger with micro-sd card and serial port
  11. Touch-screen and graphic controller board
  12. Wireless sensor
  13. Battery Charger for GPS/GSM module's back-up battery
  14. LED boards and drivers
  15. Solar charger controller
  16. Mod-bus I/O Card
  17. Production test jig system